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Thank you for your interest in hvbonline, Hocking Valley Bank’s Internet banking product.

Please note that you must be an authorized signer or authorized by a signer to receive information on all accounts listed in your enrollment form. If you are already signed up for hvbonline and wish to make changes such as adding or deleting an account(s), you may do so by notifying a customer service representative at any Hocking Valley Bank office or by calling hvbonline support at (740) 592-4441 or, toll-free, 1-888-482-5854.

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Optional Bill Payment Service:

This section to be completed only if user is interested in subscribing for this optional service.

In addition to the ability to view Hocking Valley Bank account information and transfer funds between Hocking Valley Bank accounts via the Internet, hvbonline and myHVB Mobile also features an optional Bill Payment service.

Please note that while there is no service charge for our base Internet product, hvbonline, a service charge fee is assessed for Bill Payment users. Before completing the following section, applicants should review the Internet Banking Products Disclosure for fee information.

Bill Payment Account is to be accessed by:
Checking Account Number(s) for Bill Pay (Multiple accounts are permissible)

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Thank you for enrolling for hvbonline. When we have activated the requested service(s) for you, we will mail a notice to the address you have included on this form to let you know that hvbonline is ready for your use. If you have provided us with an e-mail address, we will also send an e-mail message to you when the service is activated.