While away from your PC, you can still have access to all of your Hocking Valley Bank accounts - checking, savings, even loans - with MoneyTalk$, Hocking Valley Bank's 24-hour touch-tone account inquiry service.

MoneyTalk$ has a convenient local telephone number for you to use while at home: 592-4447. You also can take advantage of the toll-free MoneyTalk$ telephone number when you are traveling by calling 1-888-482-5855.

Just let your fingers do the walking and:
Find out the current balance of your deposit account;
Check the date and the amount of your last deposit;
Determine what checks have cleared against your account;
Find out the balance, interest rate, payment amount, and due date on your loan account;
Transfer funds between your deposit accounts;
Transfer funds from your deposit account to your loan account;
Determine year-end tax information.
How do you get MoneyTalk$? Just complete a MoneyTalk$ personal identification number (PIN) request form. You can do that while you're online now MoneyTalk$ or by completing a request form at any of our seven locations. We'll also be glad to mail an enrollment form to you after you've filled in your name and address in the Contact Us section of our site.

After we've received your completed PIN request form, we'll enter your information into the MoneyTalk$ system and notify you when the system is available for your use. It's that simple!