Q What is hvbonline?
A Hvbonline is convenient, secure 24-hour Internet access to Hocking Valley Bank account information. Some of the product’s features are:
-- Access and print information on all accounts including loans and credit cards.
-- Review and print transactions and statements.
-- Confirm deposits, withdrawals, and checks cleared.
-- View cleared check and deposit images.
-- Transfer funds between accounts and make loan payments.
-- Download transactions to financial management programs (Microsoft® Money, Intuit® Quicken, Intuit ®Quickbooks).
-- HVBmobile - secure 24-hour access to your accounts from your Web-enabled mobile phone device (iPhone®, Android, Blackberry®, or cellphone). See our HVBmobile User Guide, also available at this site, for more details.
-- Bill Payment Service - an optional component of hvbonline allowing subscribers to originate payments to designated payees set up in the Bill Payment system by the subscriber.
-- FI Transfers - an optional component of hvbonline that allows users that have been approved for the service to transfer funds bank-to-bank electronically.
Q Do I have to register to use hvbonline?
A Yes, a one-time application is required to enroll for hvbonline. Keep in mind that the enrollment form is made up of two parts - one for enrollment for our base Internet product to access Hocking Valley Bank account information only and the second for enrollment for our optional Bill Payment Service.

Accessing accounts via HVBmobile is as simple as activating your mobile device with your hvbonline account access. The HVBmobile User Guide can help walk you through these steps.
Q How do I enroll?
A You can enroll for hvbonline, as well as its optional Bill Payment Service, by going to Apply now and submitting an online application.

Enrollment forms are also available at all of our teller windows and customer service areas.

After we’ve entered your personal information, we’ll issue a Bank ID and PIN (personal identification number) and notify you, via e-mail, that hvbonline is available to you. In the event that you do not have an e-mail account or do not provide us with this information when enrolling, we will notify you through conventional mail using the US Postal Service that hvbonline is ready for your use.

Please note that the same ID and PIN used for traditional Internet banking with hvbonline will be used to access your accounts with HVBmobile.
Q What do I need to access hvbonline?
A You will need a connection to the Internet and a Web Browser that supports 128-bit SSL encryption. hvbonline works on current and prior major releases of the following browsers: Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Safari (for Apple/Mac users only). You may contact these vendors by going to the "Links" section of "About Us" to download a current copy of the browser. hvbonline works on any operating system that supports the browsers listed above unless otherwise noted. You also need accounts with our bank and assigned user ID and PIN.
Q What do I need to know the first time that I logon to hvbonline?
A Upon your first visit to hvbonline you will be required to enter the bank-issued Bank ID and PIN. You will be required to change the PIN that we’ve given you to a four-to-six digit PIN of your choice. That PIN will then be used whenever you access hvbonline.
Q How do I use hvbonline?
A After you’ve logged on successfully, you will be shown a list of your accounts and the balance in each. If you want more detail or want to carry out a transaction, just select the function from the pull down menu for the account you are interested in and highlight the option. Any additional pages will have action buttons on them and lead you through your transaction.
Q What if I get a new phone, lose my phone, or no longer wish to access my accounts via HVBmobile?
A If you get a new phone, but are using the same number and provider, no changes on your part are necessary. If you switch providers and/or phone numbers, login to hvbonline and update your information.

HVBmobile uses the same security standards as those of hvbonline. Please note that information is not stored on your phone and text messages do not contain personal financial information.

In order to deactivate your mobile service, login to hvbonline, select the Options tab, and Mobile Settings. Deselect Enable web access for your mobile device and click Agree.
Q What if all of my accounts do not show in the list of accounts that I can review online?
A When we receive your hvbonline enrollment form, we will enter all of the accounts that you tell us you would like to view online. If you open new accounts with us or decide that you would like to add an existing account that you’d forgotten when first enrolling for hvbonline, you will need to contact our Internet Banking Coordinator so that we can update your user profile. You can do this by completing the Contact Us form, stopping by one of our offices, or calling us at (740) 592-4441 or, toll-free outside the local calling area, at 1-888-482-5854.
Q Can I change my PIN?
A Yes, you can change your PIN as often as you like by logging onto your accounts then simply clicking the “Options” tab and following the instructions provided. Please note that users who do not access hvbonline within a six-month period are deleted from the system.
Q What if I enter the wrong PIN?
A After three consecutive invalid sign-on attempts using an incorrect PIN you will be “locked out” of the system as it is designed to assume that the individual entering incorrect login information does not have permission to access the accounts. You must contact the Internet Banking Coordinator to again be given account access.
Q What if I forget my PIN?
A We do not have access to your PIN once you have chosen a PIN of your choice. However, we can reset the PIN to your initial PIN (the last four-digits of your social security number) and you can reselect one. Just give us a call or drop us a line.
Q How much account history can I see online?
A You can review 90 days of transaction history on your deposit account(s) by entering a range of transactions between dates with hvbonline.

Similarly, you can also enter a range of dates throughout the life of your loan and review your payment history.

Please note that HVBmobile retains just 15 days of account history.
Q Will I be able to review statements online?
A Yes, you can view and print statements for the last 12 months. Please note that online storage of statements begins at enrollment. This means that electronic statements cannot be provided for any months prior to hvbonline enrollment. Statements originated prior to this can be provided by contacting us.
Q What is an E-Statement?
A An E-Statement is an electronic version of your account statement that is available online via our secure site. You can view and print your statement right from your computer, avoiding the wait for traditional mail and eliminating paper clutter.
Q Is there a charge to receive an E-Statement?
A No, E-Statements are free.
Q How am I notified that my E-Statement is available for review?
A You will receive a monthly e-mail message from Hocking Valley Bank letting you know that your statement is available.
Q Is an E-Statement secure?
A Absolutely! We use the latest Internet security technology to help ensure that your statement information is as secure as possible. Techniques include user authentication (your personal ID and PIN), data encryption and the use of secure servers designed to keep out potential intruders.

Your statement date will remain the same. An advantage of the E-Statement is that you will have access to your statement sooner since you do not have to wait for your statement to arrive in the mail; you can go online and view it the day it is ready.
Q Will my E-Statement look the same as my paper statement?
A Your E-Statement will look very similar to the paper version. One noticeable difference is the “masking” of account number as well as Social Security number, information currently shown on your paper statement. As a security feature, this information is “masked” with a series of “Xs” during E-Statement delivery.
Q Will I be able to print my statement and check images?
A Yes. Once you open the E-Statement, you will be able to print it just like you print any document on your computer.
Q Will I continue to receive paper statements in the mail?
A Once you enroll for an E-Statement, your paper statement will be discontinued.
Q Can I get my statement in paper form if I need it?
A Of course! You will always be able to print your E-Statement from your computer at any time. If you need a more “formal” copy of a statement on bank stationery, we can provide you with a copy. A fee, which will be disclosed at the time of your request, may be assessed for this service.
Q How much history is available for E-Statements?
A E-Statement users can view up to 12 months of past statements online. Please note that online storage of statements begins at enrollment, meaning E-Statements cannot be provided for any months prior to when you enrolled. However, if you do need to review an older statement, you can contact us to obtain a paper copy.
Q Can I enroll for an E-Statement at a Hocking Valley Bank location?
A Unfortunately, no. In order to verify that a customer can access their statements electronically, per regulatory requirments, enrollment for an E-Statement must be done online by the user. One of our customer service representatives will be happy to give you a handout that shows, step-by-step, how you can enroll from your own personal computer.
Q How do I know that I’ve been set up to receive an E-Statement after I’ve enrolled?
A After we’ve received your request for an E-Statement, we will send an e-mail message to you confirming that we’ve received your request. You will be required to click on the link provided in our e-mail message in order to finalize the enrollment process and to activate your E-Statement.
Q What if my e-mail address changes?
A You can easily go online to change your e-mail address at any time. After logging on to hvbonline, click on the “Options” tab at the top of the screen. After the screen changes, click on the tab marked “Personal” and make the necessary changes.
Q What if I change my mind about receiving an E-Statement?
A You can decide to stop receiving E-Statements at any time. Under the “E-Statement Enrollment” tab, just de-select the account for which you currently receive an E-Statement by removing the checkmark to the left of the account name. Click “Submit.” An e-mail message will be sent to you as confirmation of your request to discontinue the service.
Q What if I get an error message when using hvbonline or can’t get my phone to work with HVBmobile?
A If you get an error message when using hvbonline, please make note of the message, the error number, and the time. Next, contact the bank during business hours and we will make every effort to resolve the issue as soon as possible. If we’re closed, please send us a message from our website.

To use HVBmobile, your phone must meet the following minimum requirements:
1. You must first enroll through traditional hvbonline Internet banking;
2. Your mobile device must be Web-enabled and must allow secure SSL traffic. You may need to contact your mobile provider to determine this.
Q How do I use Bill Pay?
A If you have signed up for Bill Pay, after logging onto hvbonline and being shown your account listing, you will notice at the top right of the screen, under our logo, a section called “Bill Payment.” The options under “Bill Payment” will allow you to perform a variety of Bill Payment functions: payees, pay bills, and view payment history.

The first function that you will need to perform to successfully use Bill Pay is “add a payee” using the payee option. You can select this option by clicking on it. A user-friendly screen will allow you to set up the business or individual for future payment. Keep in mind, however, that businesses such as utility and insurance companies, very often have electronic capabilities for debiting customer accounts for monthly billing on the payment due date that are free of charge. It is our recommendation that you take advantage of these programs, as a service charge is applicable for transactions originated in Bill Pay.

Once a payee is added to the system, a payment can then be scheduled by selecting “add payment.” Simply follow the directions provided to schedule your payment.

Please note that bills may also be paid using HVBmobile. A text message, confirming that a payment has been submitted, will be sent to the phone registered for the service. Adding, modifying, or deleting a payee, as well as deleting a submitted payment, however, must be done via hvbonline.
Q Will my Bill Pay payments be made electronically or by paper check?
A Most payments issued from the checking account that you’ve designated on your enrollment form for payments in the Bill Pay system will be in paper check form. Our service provider will print your account number on the check and assign a seven-digit check number for any checks originated in Bill Pay. This seven-digit number will never coincide with a check number included in your normal check order so that you can easily determine the origination of your check – one written by you or one that you’ve issued using Bill Pay.

In the event that our service provider has a business with electronic capabilities in their database and you’ve chosen to pay this business using Bill Pay, an electronic transfer from your account, instead of the issuance of a check, will result.

Remember. Drafting your account directly allows you positive proof that a bill has been paid.
Q How can I sign up?
A First, you must be enrolled to use hvbonline, our online banking program. To apply for hvbonline, go to www.hvbonline.com . Under the “Online Banking” tab, click on “Apply” and follow the instructions. Once you are enrolled for hvbonline, you can enroll for an E-Statement online. Log onto hvbonline, click on the “E-Statement Enrollment” tab and follow the directions.
Q How soon should I schedule a Bill Pay payment before a bill is due?
A Our service provider recommends scheduling a Bill Payment for remittance five business days prior to its due date so that any checks originated in Bill Pay can reach their intended destination prior to its due date, as checks are mailed using the US Postal system. Please note that the check is drawn on your account the day that you authorize it, but it does not post from your account until it actually pays.
Q If I decide to cancel a Bill Payment how much notice is needed?
A Scheduled payments in Bill Pay leave the bank at noon on the date a payment is scheduled. Prior to 12:00 PM EST on the scheduled payment date, any bill payment that you’ve set up can be deleted. Choosing the “Schedule Payment” option on the main Bill Payment screen, then deleting the appropriate transaction can accomplish this.

In the event that you’ve missed our 12:00 PM deadline, a normal Stop Payment form must be completed (either online or in person at one of our seven offices) and our standard stop payment fee of $25.00 is in effect.
Q How can I enroll for FI Transfers?
A A signed agreement is required of all FI Transfer users. Please contact our Internet Banking Coordinator or see a Customer Service Representative at any Hocking Valley Bank office to apply for the service.
Q How many non-Hocking Valley Bank accounts can be enrolled for FI Transfers?
A You can enroll up to three (3) checking and/or savings accounts held at other financial institutions. Please note that electronic transactions to/from savings accounts may be limited per the terms of your account agreement.
Q Can I cancel an FI Transfer that I’ve scheduled?
A Request for immediate transfer CANNOT be canceled. Future-dated and/or recurring transfers, however, can be canceled by 3:00 PM EST the day PRIOR TO the scheduled transfer date. If the status for the transfer is IN PROCESS, PENDING, or PROCESSED the transfer CANNOT be canceled.
Q How much does hvbonline, HVBmobile, FI Transfers, and Bill Pay cost?
A There is no fee for our base hvbonline product or HVBmobile. Though we reserve the right to assess a fee for the optional FI Transfer Service upon 30 days written notice to you, there are currently no fees for the service. A fee, however, does exist should a customer subscribe for our optional Bill Payment Service and NOT be the owner of an Infinity Checking Account (Bill Pay is free to Infinity customers). To review fee information for Bill Pay, please see our Service Disclosure under Online Banking.

If you have a problem that we did not address in this section, please call us at (740) 592-4441 or, toll-free outside the local calling area, at 1-888-482-5854 and we will be glad to personally answer your question.